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I am a detail-oriented, result-driven professional who specializes in offering business consulting services spanning a range of service areas. I started off my career in 1978, like most professionals, performing the tasks allocated to me at an Italian worlwide company, the Fincantieri SpA Group, doing Production planning, Sales, Logistics and quickly, I began to learn about others areas of work and figuring out ways to improve each by enhancing the other.

In 1990 I moved to a company of Finmeccanica Group, assembling wind turbines  for a greener and cleaner world, the first in Italy in that business area. 

In 1998 I joined the world leading company in the wind industry, the Danish Vestas Wind Systems A/S. In charge as Logistic manager first and as Business Unit CEO later in 2003.

In 2014 I joined as Business Unit CEO the world leader of Port Terminal Operator: the Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd, belonging to the great multinational Hong Kong based conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (former Hutchison Whampoa Limited).

Working always for multinational companies, I have had the great opportunity to know and learn every day, meeting people and cultures from several countries in the world: Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Hungarian, Indian, Chinese, Hong-Kong, Taiwanese, Australian, American, Mexican, Canadian and, last but not least, Italians.

And the best culture I learned has been the Lean Thinking Culture! I was oriented to the Lean concepts in 2003, and since then it became my life stile, both personally and professionally. I had the option to learn, deploy, implement and see the Lean Philosophy at "gemba", the operational level, by doing the full turn: Top-Down and Bottom-Up process - it's really a priceless and unique experience! 

The Lean journey was also accompained by Lean Master achieved in US at the Front Range College in Boulder, CO, (USA) the Lean Leadership development, Team Building, Coaching; then the Executive Development Program MBA at IMD in Lousanne Switzerland, another MBA at Bocconi in Milan (Italy), Masters and Internships in US, trainings for Safety OHSAS 18001 and Enviroment ISO 14001. 

But, as time passed, I realized that I was working more and learning less. I also began to realize that, at any given point of time, there was more that converged upon my tasks than I could see and learn across the board, missing the walk the talk habit and the daily challenges.

Things, as they say, led to things, so I realized quickly that the key for me was to share my background and knowledge with others: I started off my internal consulting career as advisor for the organization where I worked as full-time employee. After that, there was no stopping, so I decided to share my know-how to other companies willing to learn and grow, and oriented to the Journey of the Excellence, as I did as employee in my very challenging professional life.

With every experience, therefore, I bring more on board and am able to reflect enhancements in my skill and in all projects I work for at the same time. If you are looking for someone who can understand your business and offer guidance and support that can help you enhance your existing bottomline toward the Excellence,I like to be challenged, so I guess I am the guy for you!

For detailed information about my education and capabilities, please look up my resume and the "Value Proposition" section of this web site.

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